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Version 5 Released !!

03/04/2012 02:40

AHD Subtitles Maker Professional Version 5 released with these changes:

Professional Edition version 5.0.4476.2029:

  • The entire engine changed and rewriten with optimized code.
  • Added ability to save font and color foreach char instead of all subtitle text.
  • Added timeline control toolstrip.
  • Added new abilities for the timeline control (synchronise buttons)
  • Added ability to save right to left order foreach subtitle.
  • Added subtitle text editor control.
  • Added subtitle properties editor control.
  • Improved the export window.
  • Improved the import window.
  • Improved AHD Subtitles format (version 5.0).
  • Added ability to save and load style scripts for WebVTT format.
  • Added auto fix errors features.
  • Fixed minor bugs.
Download it for free from here.

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