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Version is out !

15/06/2013 01:22

Version is out !

What's new ?

  • Added: service intergation. Ability to search,download and upload subtitles directly from/to server.
  • Added: "Auto create Subtitles Track after creating new project" option.
  • Added: option that allow errors in the subtitle properties window.
  • Added: the TimeLine zoom box that allows to enter zoom value.
  • Added: Kurdish language translation for ASM interface. 
  • Removed: "search the internet for subtitles" feature, replaced with "Download subtitles from"
  • Improved: added option to the Timeline control allows to auto scroll to time line's position after changing the time using the time line.
  • Improved: Timeline zoom bar, now holding zoom in/out button will work instead of (click by click).
  • Improved: Timeline control tooltip.
  • Improved: subtitle editor control, now the text area is expandable.
  • Fixed: translate feature when the user translate a subtitle, the translation editor become unaccessable.
  • Fixed: bug in SubRip format handler.
  • Fixed: bug in export window causes hang sometimes in export operation.

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