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06/05/2012 11:49

Version released.


Professional Edition version Version

  • Added: new button to import subtitles format directly in quick start dialog
  • Added: right to left option in import dialog
  • Fixed: encoding search in import subtitles format window (hangs when search for encoding)
  • Fixed: timeline magnetic feature when moving more than one subtitle
  • Fixed: updater download button (always disabled)
  • Improved: the subtitles data control (flashing on refresh)
  • Improved: the timeline control auto scroll feature (now is enabled only on media playing to make it easier to scroll when player is stopped)
  • Improved: the errors checker control, hang sometimes in auto check.
  • Improved: MicroDVD subtitles format: failed to load file if framerate is not presented at the first line of the file and now if the framerate is not presented, the framerate dialog shows up.
  • Improved: SubRip subtitles format: now this format fully support html tags of fonts and colors.

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