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Version 4.1.2902.0 released !!

13/10/2011 10:36

Version 4.1.2902.0 released:

  • Added ability to disable/enable subtitle format(s) in the settings.
  • Added direct subtitle's editor which allows user to edit subtitle's text, color, font or position directly on the player screen without the need to open properties window.
  • Added encodings manager control in Export and Import dialogs, a manager that allows user to easily select encoding and manage favorite encodings.
  • Added text lines sperator in subtitles data list view.
  • Fixed: when open export window sometimes it throws exception about selected index.
  • Fixed: selecting subtitles with control key holded in TimeLine control.
  • Fixed: glitches in TimeLine control.
Download this version and source code from here.

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