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Version 4.0.987.176 released !!

20/08/2011 15:52

Version 4.0.987.176 released with these changes:

Professional Edition version 4.0.987.176:

  • * Added support for subtitle formats:
    + Advanced Sub Station Alpha
    + Sub Station Alpha
    + Final Cut Pro
    + Subtitle Editor Project
    + WebVTT
  • * Added support for all encondings available in installed Windows version on user pc.
  • * Added auto detect encoding feature which helps user to choose encoding in export.
  • * Added auto detect encoding feature in import which detect opened file encoding, also allows user to choose which encoding to use with import.
  • * Added magnetic feature which helps user to slide start time/end time easily to the current media position (in timeline control).
  • * Added ability to set the path of the subtitles format in the export window automaticaly and an option to enable/disable this in the settings window.
  • * Added subtitles Track Template.
  • * Improvement: code optimized to make the program more stable.
  • * Improvement: AHD Subtitles Convertor to apply the new encoding features.
  • * Improvement: Synchronization Tool to apply the new encoding features.
  • * Fixed: Synchronization Tool fails to synchronize when subtitles format has less than 2 subtitle tracks.
  • * Fixed: when editing subtitle in TimeLine via mouse double click, the control selects first subtitle and returns to the time of it.
Go ahead and download this version for free !!.

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