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Version 3.5.766.11 released !!

16/04/2011 19:19

What's new in this version ?

      + Added
      x Improved / Bug Fixed
      - Removed

Professional Edition version 3.5.766.11:

  • + GT-Text "Google Translate-Text" technology which allows to translate Subtitle Track in minutes what ever the count of subtitles. See help document for more.
  • + Adobe Encore options.
  • + Tabs mode for Adobe Encore subtitles format.
  • + subtitle formats:
    * Autodesk Smoke
    * ABC iView
    * Csv
    * Open DVT
    * Real Time
    * SAMI
  • x AHD Subtitles Convertor improved so it can import and export multi subtitle tracks format.
  • x Subtitle edit window improved so it can edit duration beside start and end time.
  • x Fixed Sonic DVD Creator subtitles format (export method).
  • x Fixed synchronization tool framerate choosing in none-English version of Wondows(R).
  • x Fixed issue when you enable the option "Warn me when ID3 tags detected" and you open a project includes media which has ID3 tags, the program opens the ID3 tags manager without warning you !.
  • x Search engine improved so it can search more specifically with more options. Also "Find And Replace" included.

Download this version for free from here.


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