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ASM 5 on the way !!

14/01/2012 00:07

AHD Subtitles Maker Professional is on the way early on 2012 !!
And this is a snap of currently development status:

New Features Added !!

ASM now saves subtitles as chars !! not as texts like before... each char can hold it's own font and color, each line of the subtitle can have alignment so subtitles become fully customized.

Controls Improved !!

The properties control, Media control, TimeLine control and subtitles data editor control are improved for more stability and performance....
Also new control added, "The Subtitle Text Editor" which allows to edit the subtitle text with all possible options.

A tool strip added to the TimeLine control includes all the professional tools you need with the TimeLine to edit the subtitles professionally using the mouse !!

ASM 5 still in debug mode and incomplete, it will be released soon when it finished. It will some time just to make sure you'll get the best.

More On The Way

More abilities will be added, new subtitle formats and more....
If you have any suggestion, feature requests..... please feel free to post it at the Forum page.
Also you can visit the program's page on the facebook and share us what's in your mind !!


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