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How much AHD Subtitles Maker Pro costs ?

AHD Subtitles Maker Professional is freeware, you don't need to donate money to unlock stuff or features. It's completely free !!


ASM Cannot load or play a media file, what should I do ?

ASM depends on Directshow for media playback. Thus, directshow filters are required for more media formats support.

Windows® comes with these formats listed here, if the media format attempt to load is not listed, then you need to install the direct show filters that required to run such file formats.

So, IF A MEDIA FILE CANNOT BE LOADED, please install the directshow filters required then try again.

For example, for mp4 files (these files usually are not supported in Windows) you'll need to install media codec pack in order ASM able to run this format.

I can only see the subtitles in the program, but when I try to play the video using a video player, I can't see them, why ?

First, you should export the subtitles into a subtitle format. the subtitle format should be supported in your video player for playback purpse. (e.g : Mp4 video file needs SubRip subtitle format), I recommanded K-Lite Media Codec (available for free download in the internet).

Second, the name of the exported subtitle format MUST BE named same as the video file (e.g : MyVideo.mp4 then the subtitles file : MyVideo.ext "ext = subtitle format extension like srt")

Third, both files (video and the subtitles files) should be located at the same folder.

I've just installed AHD subtitles Maker but it won't run on my computer, why ?

First, please make sure your computer match the system requirements.
If it still not work, use the reset command line to reset the program to the default settings, see commandlines section in the help document that comes in the program's installation package.
Finaly, If it still not work, please send me a feedback about the problem.

Ok, the subtitles work fine in my video player, but the subtitles are unsynchronized with the video, why ?

This may caused by one of these reasones:
1. The framerate you selected when you export the subtitle format is not the same of the video file (e.g: the frame rate of the video is 25 and you export the subtitle format in 29.97). 

2. The subtitle format you exported into is not accurate (some subtitle formats doesn't use milli seconds or frames so it loses 999 milli second in each subtitle)

3. If your pc is old or if you're using high quality video format, then the player will not be able to play the video in accurate and the times will be defferent each time you slide the player seeker.

Ok, the subtitles play fine on my video player, but i want to post the video on the internet (e.g : youtube) and make it playable with the subtitles, How ?

You should merge the subtitles inside the video, use a video convertor can do that then export to the supported subtitle format by the convertor and ask it to convert. The convertor will merge the subtitles inside the video.

How can I merge the subtitles inside the video ?

Use a video convertor can do that then export to the supported subtitle format by the convertor and ask it to convert. The convertor will merge the subtitles inside the video.

Can you give me names of media convertors that can merge the subtitles inside the video ?

No I can't do that. Search in the web for some.

I created a subtitle using the quick mode in the time 1.5 for example, but the program added it in the time 2, Why and how can I make it more accurate ?

AHD Subtitles Maker Pro checks to view subtitle every 100 millisecond and this time called "Player Timer". the player timer designed to increase the performance of the program but this will cost the accurcy. So when you add a subtitle using the quick mode, the program will check your click each 100 milliseconds and thats why the subtitle delays. So change the player timer and make the player timer smaller as you can (1 millisecond) but this will need more pc power.

When the next version comes out ?

There's no specified time for that, when I have the time I work on it. Always check for updates, Go to Help>Check for updates.

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