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Introduction about the program

AHD Subtitles Maker is a powerful tool designed to work with Windows®. It permits you to create the most common text-based subtitle formats in minutes.

AHD Subtitles Maker is written in C# using .NET Framework platform.

AHD Subtitles Maker is an application that creates subtitles automatically without the need of scripts. Also you can edit subtitles with it using the mouse ! no need to enter numbers, just move the subtitles, stretch them, synchronize them and more..... only with the mouse.
And pluse, you convert between subtitle formats without losing their accuracy.

It is a free comprehensive tool for subtitle editing and creation, with an extensive range of editing options and an impressive list of supported subtitle file formats. Thus, the program allows you to create your own subtitle streams, translate existing ones, or simply change the format of your subtitle file to fit any of the most widely used subtitle editing tools.

The list of editing functions is impressive. You can translate, insert, change, or copy the text of a selected subtitle, and you can move it from one time position to a different one with millisecond precision. You can also empty a subtitle stream from all its texts and replace them with different ones, but preserving original time positions.

It includes an auto encoding detecting feature which help user to choose the right encoding for importing and exporting, also it support all the encodings that your installed Windows® version may support.

AHD Subtitles Maker Supports the most common text-based subtitle formats that can be exported as a single file (but not inside the media file) and can be used in most media players and creation programs. It supports common subtitle formats like Power Divx / DVD Subtitles and more. Also it supports the media files types that your Windows® can support, because it depends on the Windows® media player and its media codec pack that is installed in your system.

The beauty of this extensive list of formats is that it is classified by tool, not simply by the extension of the file, as this is usually shared by different programs. For example, you can produce many TXT files, but each will be customized according to the tool you want to use (Cavena, DVD Junior, DVD Subtitle System, Adobe Encore DVD, etc.).

AHD Subtitles Maker can get and save the ID3 tags (Synchronized Lyric). you can extract Synchronized Lyric to your project as subtitles track, work with it, and export it to another format as well. Also you can add a subtitles track as an ID3 tags (Synchronized Lyric) item and SAVE IT DIRECTLY INTO MP3 MEDIA FILE.

Also, you can search and download subtitles with AHD Subtitles Maker easily with service integration, you can upload your subtitles to directly through AHD Subtitles Maker as well just in few simple steps !

Your first subtitle with AHD Subtitles video on Youtube.


Download subtitles directly from the net !!


Upload your work directly to the net as well !!


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Version 5.17.113 is out !!

08/01/2018 22:25
Version 5.17.113 is out !! Please visit the Downloads page for more details and for downloads.

Version 5.16.36 is out !!

26/07/2017 22:44
Version 5.16.36 is out !! Please visit the Downloads page for downloads and details.
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Emulators Organizer by AHD


Emulators Organizer is an advanced program designed in order to manage your roms, Games, E-Books,Compressed files, Music and any type of file.
Emulators Organizer simply described as launcher, you can use it for different purposes, although the main purpose is to manage roms and emulators.
You can manage your roms (delete, add .....) , attach an image and a text file to each rom so that the rom may includes single or multi screenshot and info, determine command lines for each emulator so that when you run a game using it the program sends your command lines to the emulator with the rom path automatically, and no need to add any command line if you want to run the game basically.

It's work like Game and application launcher, Just pick up something and double click on it, very easy to setup and use, It works like rom library, create a list of consoles, each console (e.g. : Nes) may include several emulators and roms which can be listed in categories.

My Nes by AHD !!

My Nes is a portable open source NES/FAMICOM emulator written in C#. It's EXACT nes cycle emulator, very accurate and uses exact ppu scanline timing. My Nes compatibility is very high, and most of the games that supported run perfectly.

ManagedUI by AHD !!

ManagedUI (Managed User Interface) is a .net framework library written in C#, can be considered as a getting-started library for creating a very advanced C# desktop applications.
I decided to write this library few years ago, when attempting to create new version of one of my projects AHD Subtitles Maker (ASM v6 uses MUI, see <>).
The point is that I needed to rebuild my project because of the old version doesn't allows for further updates and specially for add-ons support.

You can consider ManagedUI as a .net framework desktop applications engine, you just add the library in your project, implent few stuff and get your project ready to go in minutes !!
Check out this article on < >
Please note that a full documentation is on the way, still working on it to ensure it covers everything about the library.

You can get ManagedUI from here.

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